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What not to flush down the toilet

Flushing items down the toilet can lead to clogged drains and expensive plumbing repairs. To keep your plumbing running smoothly, it’s important to know what not to flush down the toilet.

The following items should NEVER be flushed:

- Baby wipes, facial wipes, and cleaning wipes (even ones labeled “flushable”)

- Cotton swabs/Q-tips and other similar items

- Sanitary napkins or tampons

- Paper towels and tissues

- Hair

- Diapers or plastic bags

- Dental floss

- Cigarette butts or any kind of smoking material

These items often contain materials that cannot break down in water and will easily clog up your drains and pipes. Even if you do manage to flush these items down the toilet, they may end up blocking a sewer pipe further downstream. Dispose of these items in the trash or recycle whenever possible.

It’s important to remember that anything other than human waste and toilet paper should not be flushed down the toilet! Doing so can cause major plumbing problems that require costly repairs. Be sure to educate your family members on what not to flush and create a policy for disposing of non-flushable items properly.

If you do have a clogged toilet contact the professionals at Rancho Heating & Air Plumbing.

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