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What NOT to throw in the Garbage Disposal!

The garbage disposal is a great tool for disposing of small amounts of food, but some items should never be put down the drain. Here are some things to NEVER put in your garbage disposal:

1. Grease, Oil and Fat - Grease can quickly cool and congeal inside the pipes leading from your sink and lead to clogging issues.

2. Stringy Vegetables - Celery, onions, artichokes and other vegetables with fibrous strings can get tangled up in the blades of a disposal, jamming them or worse yet causing them to break apart altogether.

3. Large Bones - Animal bones such as chicken, fish or pork bones should not be put into a garbage disposal as they can damage the blades.

4. Coffee Grounds - Coffee grounds may seem harmless, but they can accumulate at the bottom of your drain and trap other particles that can cause clogging problems.

5. Fruit Pits - Pit from fruits like peaches, plums and avocados are too hard for a garbage disposal to break down and can easily jam the blades or even break them apart altogether.

6. Egg Shells - Egg shells have a waxy coating that when combined with water forms a paste-like consistency that is difficult for most disposals to grind up properly, leading to potential clogging issues in your pipes.

7. Starchy Foods - Potatoes, rice and pasta are all starchy foods that should never be put into a garbage disposal because they can expand when combined with water and cause clogging.

It is always best to avoid putting any foreign objects down the drain, as it can potentially damage or break your garbage disposal. If you experience an issue with your garbage disposal, call a professional plumber right away in order to avoid further damage.

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