Heating Sevices

  • Gas (or Oil) Connections - Check all gas (or oil) connections for gas leaks.

  • Burner Combustion - Check burner combustion

  • Heat Exchanger - Check heat exchanger for cracks and hot spots.

  • Safety Controls - Check all controls of the heating system to better proper and safe operation.

  • Electrical Components - Test the voltage and amperage draw of electrical components. Check for loosen connections. 

  • Fan Motor - Test, clean, and oil the indoor blower motor. Check if wheels are clean. 

  • Air Filters – Check and replace the air filters (clean reusable filters).

  • Fan Belts - Test the fan belts. Check for old or loose dry belts.

  • Electrical - Check the electrical wiring and tighten connections if necessary.

  • Drain Lines - Inspect the condensate drain lines for correct performance.

  • Indoor Coil - Inspect the indoor coil.

  • Capacitors - Test the capacitors.

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