• Fan Motor - Check the fan motor, oil it, & make sure it runs perfectly!

  • Air Filters – Check  air filters for any clogging. Replace air filters.

  • Fan Belts - Test the fan belts. Check any old or loose fan belts. 

  • Refrigerant Pressures - Ensure operating pressures on refrigerant is within manufacturer specs.

  • Electrical - Check the electrical wiring and tighten connections.

  • Contactor - Test the compressor contactor for proper operation.

  • Capacitors - Test capacitor voltage balancing under all modes of operation.

  • Inspect Condenser Coil - Check the outdoor AC condenser coil for correct performance.

  • Measure Sub-Cooling - Ensure outdoor sub-cooling is within manufacturer specs.

  • Compressor Operation - Test the compressor voltage and mechanical operation.

  • Crankcase Heaters - Test the crankcase heaters.

Air Services

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Air Services
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